When we set out to create The Juppy, we knew that it would have to be something that both children and parents loved to use. Without a baby walker nproduct that hit all the marks for both adults and our littlest users, The Juppy would be another children's product that sat unused in the back of a closet. That's why we packed it with features that please both kids and parents! Check out five of the features of the Juppy that parents love. 

Adjustable straps for any height. 

Parents come in all shapes and sizes! We made sure the Juppy would work for all of them. You'll be able to adjust the strap length on this baby walker to accommodate heights from 4'11" to 6'9". So even if mom and dad are totally different heights, they'll still both be able to use the Juppy to help their child learn how to walk safely without any back pain. 

Soft grip handles keep you comfortable. 

Holding onto uncomfortable straps means mom and dad wouldn't want to use the Juppy for long. To counteract fatigue in the hands, we put soft material at strategic locations on the handles. Now parents will have soft places for their hands to rest while guiding their child around in the Juppy baby walker. 

All the safety a parent could want.

We know you care first and foremost about the safety of your child. We wanted the Juppy to be as safe as possible! We installed a zipper in the back that allows you to easily get your child in and out of the Juppy when needed. Plus, we put two velcro straps to overlap the zipper and ensure your child is safe and secure in the Juppy when it's in use. 

No more backaches. 

Walking around with the little one gripping your fingers is cute for about five minutes, but it can start to be a literal pain after much longer. You can end up with a sore neck, back, knees and arms after helping your child learn to walk. It makes you less likely to help them again, which can delay them learning to walk. The Juppy keeps you upright in an ergonomic position so you can help them for as long as they want!

Your kids will love it.

This is the thing that parents love the most: their kids love the Juppy. It allows their child to safely and securely practice their new skills. It gives them a chance to use those gross motor skills and get around in a new way. They'll be excited to use it and you'll be thrilled with how much the Juppy can help them perfect their walking skills!

Want to experience these features for yourself? We have a Juppy waiting for you. Head over to our store and choose the Juppy that's right for you and your child. Place an order and we'll have your Juppy adjustable baby walk on it's way to you in no time! All orders over $35 ship for free, all other orders ship for just a $5 flat rate fee.