About the Inventor

Mr. Jeffrey Nash, the inventor of Juppy Baby Walker, came up with the idea at a critical time in his life. He was already 56 years old and had sold everything from fuller brush to business machines. Before the invention of Juppy Baby Walker, his real love had been selling men’s clothing, and because of his great passion in this industry, he enjoyed a considerable amount of success while making millions of dollars for his employers but he always kept his eyes open for something new that could possibly give him the independence and freedom that we all seek.

The idea came in 2008, when Mr. Nash was at a soccer game with his granddaughters and noticed a young mother teaching her baby to walk and while he noticed the mother hunching over he knew how uncomfortable it must have been. Watching the young mom pulling on the infant’s arms had to be very dangerous and ran the risk of injury for both the mom and the baby. As crazy as it sounds, for some unknown reason, the design for the first Juppy came to Mr. Nash right at that moment. Immediately upon his return to his home in Las Vegas, he had a prototype made based on his own design, and after about 4 attempts, he finally had a model that he believed would be suitable.

That same year the economy was wreaking havoc and many seemed paralyzed. Jeffrey was notified by his employers that he would receive a substantial pay cut due to the lagging economy. All signs pointed to launching his business, so he did.
He started trying out his invention on the children of customers in the retail store he still worked at to see their reaction and to receive feedback. After making the necessary adjustments, he hired a patent attorney and then connected with a manufacturer that ended up making the first batch of Juppy’s. Shortly afterwards, he took 3 weeks off in order to find out whether his invention was marketable by visiting stores in Las Vegas to Santa Monica, and at the end of 3 weeks, he sold $12,000 worth of Juppys.

Knowing that the Juppy was extremely marketable , Jeffrey then took the biggest risk of his life and sold his home and car and took what he had out of his $401k and became a successful entrepreneur with a revolutionary baby walker that is simple, safe and affordable. Jeffrey received his patent in 2015.