About Us

What if we told you that we have the easy solution to protect your child and help them at the same time, all while they learn to walk? Well, we do! The Juppy Baby Walker consistently receives praise from parents. It is a baby walker jumper that is simple, affordable, foldable, and safe for babies learning to walk. It also saves adults a painful backache while teaching their child how to walk.

No more concussions, broken bones, bruises, or injuries, just a sturdy, effective, comfortable way to teach your child how to move on their own two feet. The Juppy Baby Walker is enjoying enviable and increasing popularity with families of special needs children, physical therapists, and pediatricians. The Juppy Baby Walker is the safest baby walker on the market and the only one awarded a patent.

Teach your infant how to walk and feel confident they won't get hurt. With its adjustable straps, fleece handgrips, and pleated cotton harness your child will build strength in their legs, work on their balance, and giggle with joy as they take off in a forward motion.

Due to the Juppy Baby Walker being foldable, you are able to take it anywhere you go and let your child explore the world on their own two feet. By holding the handles, you position your baby in the proper walking position, decreasing their tendency to fall. Prevent silly accidents and teach your child how to walk on their own.

Whether your child is showing interest in walking or you want to give them a step ahead, the Juppy Baby Walker is the perfect gift for children and parents alike. This walker for babies is found online and has free shipping for over $35. Order yours today!