Juppy Instructional Video

Below are some questions you may have about the Juppy Baby Walker. The Juppy is a baby walker jumper that is foldable, safe, affordable and will help your baby to walk. If your infant is beginning to walk or you want him or her to get a head start on walking, order a Juppy today.

  1. How much is The Juppy?

The price is $29.99. Click here to view.

  1. How many pounds will The Juppy hold?

The Juppy Ultra Comfy can hold up to 35 pounds safely.

  1. How wide is the Juppy?

The Juppy Ultra Comfy Baby Walker will accommodate a baby with up to a 24-inch waist.

  1. How long is The Juppy?

From the crotch to the top of The Juppy its 11 ½” long.

  1. What material is The Juppy made of?

Our new Juppy Ultra Comfy model is made of 99 percent cotton and 1 percent spandex. All other Juppy’s are 100 percent cotton.

  1. How long does it take to receive my Juppy?

All orders are processed within one business day and shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Delivery within the U.S takes 3-5 business days. Delivery to Canada  takes 10-15 Business Days.

  1. Do you ship worldwide?

No. We ship within the U.S or Canada only.

  1. What is your return policy?

Click here to view our return policy.

  1. If I have further questions how can I request more information?

E-mail us at support@thejuppy.com or give us a call at 1-800-205-7127. We can answer most e-mail inquiries within 24 hrs.

  1. Do you carry a Juppy for children with disabilities?

We are currently sold out.

  1. Is The Juppy Baby Walker doctor approved?

Yes, see our testimonials page. 

  1. How will The Juppy help my lower back?

The Juppy eliminates you ever having to bend while teaching your baby to walk.

  1. How will my baby react to being in The Juppy?

Your child will adjust quickly to The Juppy as he or she experiences the thrill of walking.

  1. How can I become a Juppy distributor?

For wholesale inquiries please contact us at support@thejuppy.com or call 1-800-205-7127.