What parents and doctors are saying about the Juppy Baby Walker!


"I wanted to tell you about my amazing experience with the Juppy! Three weeks ago, my daughter could not stand or walk on her own. She had just turned 15 months, and was still crawling everywhere. I purchased the Juppy on Oct. 21st, and by Oct. 31st, she began to stand on her own. On Nov. 6th, she took her first independent steps and has been walking confidently ever since! She has a twin brother who was walking at 11 months, so the Juppy was our last resort. We are so thrilled that we took the chance and purchased the Juppy. I believe that the Juppy gave her the support she needed to learn how to walk quickly!"

Rachel E. | Maryland

"This is the first time I have ever felt compelled to comment about a product. As a mother and a grandmother, I’ve seen quite a few products come and go on the market for babies. My newest grandchild received a Juppy last week and I was pleasantly surprised when I seen him in it. The bucket type holder for the baby is very comfortable for them (compared to one on the market that goes under the child’s arms). You feel very secure holding the baby and letting them try walking. The workmanship of the product is excellent. You can tell there was a lot of thought went in to the product about baby’s safety and comfort and the comfort of the adult holding the straps. To the other Nanny’s out there I would certainly recommend you looking for this for your bundle of joy"

Nanny C

"I had the opportunity to watch the Juppy in action and I was amazed. As a parent, I can recall the hours spent hunched over my children as they learned to walk. Your device eliminates the aching back that goes along with it. The Juppy also should eliminate the chance of a nursemaid's elbow, a very common injury to children as a result of pulling on an arm and dislocating the elbow. The Juppy's straps allow a even pull with very little strain on the toddler. I was most impressed with its simplicity. I would even go so far as to say it is brilliant!”

Dr. John Lepore D.O., F.A.A. | Kidfixers Pediatrics

"We received our Juppy today and it works GREAT! My son, who has Cerebral Palsy, was very tired after spending the day with grandma and an hour of physical therapy but he still couldn't wait to try it and he loved it! I can't wait until tomorrow when he's rested and wearing his support vest. Thank you so much for all your help and thanks to the person who performed all the modifications. What a great product!"
Chris Kester | Clymer, PA

"I rarely recommend baby equipment, but I have confidence in how useful the Juppy can be for the whole family. "

"The Juppy is a truly unique product that helps adults help their babies with the momentous event of standing on two feet balancing, and then moving comfortably into taking first steps. The Juppy helps the adult stand up easily without bending over, and the baby can sense through the adult, and Juppy, what being in an aligned balanced physical state is like. With the ease of using the Juppy, the adult can find more comfort and patience to encourage baby led balance and walking, not pushing or forcing, but gentle and mindful. As a licensed movement therapist and infant developmental movement specialist, I rarely recommend baby equipment, but I have confidence in how useful the Juppy can be for the whole family. As humans are the only mammals that stand on two feet, and it takes us nearly a full year to accomplish this, those first attempts to balance and stand are very important to a baby's sense of self accomplishment and self esteem. The Juppy does not force a baby into verticality like other baby equipment it supports. Well done Jeffrey Nash!"

Ellynne Skove, Founder, GoGo Babies Pre & Perinatal Education & Therapies
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"Their daughter LOVES it!"

"We tried the Juppy together and then I lent it to a mother and father. They like it very much and their daughter LOVES it. She points to it, "asking" to wear it, and later, when it's time to take it off, she cries! Because the Juppy has given her the freedom to practice walking without the fear of falling, her balance is steadily improving. For a child like this, the Juppy seems an excellent tool to have in a physical therapist's "bag of tricks."

Ellen Schwartz, PT

"The Juppy is such a simple idea, I wish I would have thought of it! It does exactly what it sayshelps infants learn to walk with your aid but without your back pain. My daughter is nearly 9 months old and is off the charts large. It still zips up and has some room for her to grow (but not room for her to be uncomfortable). My husband is 6'4" and can use it at it's most extended setting without bending down (but with his arms only slightly bent). The bag and small size make it possible for me to tote it in our diaper bag wherever we go. It only takes a little practice and a bit of patience to help your baby learn the difference. My daughter loves the freedom it gives her. At 9 months, she's pulling up on stuff, but having difficulty maintaining her balance. I believe the Juppy is helping her to figure out the mechanics of walking. I recommend this as a nice aid to their transition to walking. "

Julie Haydock | Georgia

"I am a parent of two beautiful daughters ages 2 and 1. My youngest daughter tries to do everything her older sister does, but I'm always having to walk her around since she cant walk on her own. She grew out of her walker and would climb out every single time she was placed in there. As a parent, I could not wait for her to start walking on her own, then I was introduced to the Juppy. The first time she used it, automatically I noticed a big change, she was a lot more confident. That day she walked with no fear of falling while feeling safe and secure. Thanks to Juppy my daughter can now walk free from any kind of support."

Jacqueline Torres | Riverside, CA

"Very helpful walker! I just bought this walker about a month ago for my 9 month old baby girl whose about 23lbs and she absolutely loves it! She is able to practice with balancing herself and walking. A few weeks after using this and she can now stand with little to no support. Very excellent product. I highly recommend it for other babies!"

Annalicia's Mom

"Purchasing the juppy for my 7 month old son was the best investment. He loves it. I take him to the park and slowly he's getting his balance on his own. It's affordable and it comes with a cute lil bag to store it. I'm very satisfied with the Juppy"
Liz Sanchez | California